Hi I just bought a YYF proton and absolutely loved it! Played with it for a about a week and a half then my konkave bearing got stuck. Now keep in mind I love konkaves, so I did everything under the sea and couldn’t get it out without ruining the bearing so just bought a new one. I played it unlubed for the first day and it was AMAZING when I did bind returns it would even hurt my hand, but then I lubed it with one drop on each side, and now it’s terrible. I’ve played with it for a good amount of hours to where it should have been worked off a while ago. It only lasts half as long as when I first got it, any suggestions?

Also ever since I had to basically tear that konkave out, the yoyo has not played as good in general even with other bearings like a terrapin, it possible I screwed up the yoyo bearing seat or something so that it doesn’t play the same? I’m a total newb

For starters, clean the bearing. One drop on each side sounds like way too much. One very tiny drop is more than enough. I usually put in a small drop and then hit it with compressed air (computer cleaner, in a can).

You may have messed up the bearing seat, but try cleaning the bearing first. Also check that the response pads are in tact, and not sticking up.

I will when I get home, thank you!

lube makes the bearing responsive not unresponsive it gives the bearing a longer life though because it slows down the spin time also what your bearing probably needs now is a cleaning cause it sounds like you added too much lube.

did you lube with shields on or off? If you did it with them on it take a long time to work out. You see shields are designed to hold in lube as much or more then keeping things out. If you took the shields off and left them off then what I am saying here doesn’t really matter.
On a side note I don’t clean bearing all I do is lube and most of my bearing are unresponsive most of the time. Sometimes it takes a long time to clear out the lube. (30 hours of play) but most of the time it takes only maybe 4 hours of play.
How ever that has a lot to do with what lube you use. So what lube did you use?
When I lube a bearing I take the shields off, and then I put several drops in each side spin it on a pencil and spin it back and forth. then wipe off what ever comes out with a soft cloth(cotton.) Then I just pop it in the yoyo and play with it till it runs unresponsive.

No i hadn’t i dont even know how, i watched the video a long time ago of andre doing it so i just kinda copied him and put the drop right on, ive done it a billion of times but figured it really needed to be degreased of all the stuff on it so did one on each side, but now ive played with it all day and it seems to be getting better slowly but surely. Would throwing it in rice help the bearing dry up since it’s good for that kinda stuff? and i used yyj thin lube

Just playing it will tend to make it better. Not sure about the rice thing. I’ve heard of doing it for water, but not oil. maybe worth a shot.

Oil has a very low rate of evaporation and it is not water based. Because of that, lowering the relative humidity of the surrounding air will do nothing to cause it to evaporate quicker. If you put too much oil in a bearing and you just want to remove some of it, I recommend paper cleaning.