Need Help


For some reason my DM2 is zoo loud at first I thought it was the bearing but I switched the bearing out with a 10 ball and got the same loud sound. I also took out the caps and but it didn’t help. can so1 help


The DM2 can be a bit loud. A lot of plastics have this problem. Don’t worry about it.
Mine isn’t that loud. A loose cap on mine makes more noise than the bearing.

Maybe a drop of thin lube in the bearing might quiet it down?


Well, all the bearings make a distinctive sound I believe.
Check out this video. is this the sound that comes from your yoyo? (It is the one that comes from mine)


Its like tht but much much louder


Well, my DM2 is my first and only yoyo so far but I think we both get the same sound. The yoyo in the video is a bit more quiet (maybe it was just the microphone on the recording device) but eah, mine is louder than the one in the video.

I guess it’s safe to say “Don’t worry about it” :wink: