Need help with tilt\rotation on trapeze tricks.

I’m needing a bit of help with my trapeze tricks. Being somewhat new to this, I’ve been learning my way through the trick section, but I’m having difficulty with Rewind and Matrix specifically. My yoyo (shimmed, sili-padded Hitman) is tilting as I’m swinging it around my fingers. I first thought I was going too fast, so I slowed down and it seemed to help, but I still have issues with it tilting. The only thing I can think of is i need to work on keeping my hands completely parallel. Any other tips or ideas for me?


Keeping your hands parralell is the best thing I can recomend.

The only other thing there is to do is practice. You really need to get a feel for the “Sweet Spot” on some of these tricks. Practice does make perfect.

In a trapeze position you can adjust your yoyos angle by putting your throw hand out and your non throw hand in towards your body and vice versa.

This video will explain why it is tilting, if you haven’t already figured out what causes the tilting.  Like Q said, keeping your hands parallel with the gap of the yoyo should fix it.  If that makes no sense, then watch the video.


I was looking for similar answers, but that video cleared it up…i totally get it haha. Thanks for the post

Very nice explanation/vid. Makes it clear what keeping everything in the same plane means.

Please note if its front-style the motions are reversed.

Thanks! I didn’t make it though. I remembered seeing it in another post somewhere, and I was able to dig it up.