need help with Severe 2010 caps

I installed the caps on my severe 2010 and now I want to talk them off does anyone know how to?

Try takeing out the axle and push something up like paper clip that is unbent.

suction cups
like from window ornaments

suction cups, thats how i got my dm caps out :wink:

Yeah, suction cups. But if you take them out, it’s going to weigh a lot less.

As alternatives to the other ways, if you want to remove caps like a man either

  1. stab the caps with a knife and crowbar them out

  2. Install rim protectors on your severe, then smash the yoyo on your wall

  3. If you are a real man, do #2 without rim protectors

I did what climber said and it worked :smiley: Thanks climber :wink:

Aren’t the SEVERE caps adhesive?

Yeah there adhesive but I forced it to pop out

So they came out OK? And also since you bought the capped 2010 Severe, it weighs for grams less without the caps, and a capless 2010 Severe weighs the same weight as you Severe 2010 with caps. Just to let you know. :wink: