Need Help with picking a yo yo

(ChickenDiavolo) #1

Ok I have narrowed my new yo yo down to two, the fury, or the journey. What would be better for me as a beginner. I can do all the beginner tricks on the site, but have not tried binding yet. Do most ball bearing yo yo’s not come up unless you bind them?


What do you use now?

What size do you like?
Do you have a preferred weight preference?

There is no best yoyo, just one that you prefer more


between the fury and journey I’d pick the fury. Just my preference, but i like the projam.


both the fury and the journey are great for beginners. The fury looks cooler and is a bit heaver around the rim so it may spin a bit longer than the journey. The journy isa a bit lighter so if you like lighter there you go. They both have a double O-ring response system so they are going to be more responsive that a hybrid or double starburst. Also not all ball bearing yos are unresponsive. you can actually make your yoyo more responsive with lube. their are 2 types of lube, thin and thick. Thick lube will make your yo-yo more responsive and spin slower which makes it perfect for beginners. Thick lube is also what some players put in there looping yoyos. Thin lube makes your yoyo a lot less responsive, this is great for intermediate to advanced players who can bind. it is what allows some yoyos to spin up to 7 mins for a blood lily. There is also string. there is different thickness of strings. a thicker string as you can imagine will make your yo more responsive. type 6 (which is what most players use) is the smallest string there is. type 8 is one size up and will make your yo more responsive. There is also sizes 9 and 10 but they are almost like yarn so i don’t thank you want them.

Here is a list of what you should buy to start off. you can pick either yo they are about the same.
Journey yoyo (optional)
Lyn fury yoyo (optional)
Thick yoyojam lube
100 pack of yoyo string (if you are thanking about really getting into this sport) or you can get a 10 pack that is cheaper and will let you decide if you want to get into the sport.
100 pack type 6
10 pack type 6
100 pack type 8
10 pack type 8 (out of stock on the last one)

Hope this helps, :wink: later and keep it spinning ;D.

(Connor) #5

Hehe, I currently own about 300 strings. I go through them pretty quick replacing the string on 6 yoyos twice a week. Thats about 50 strings a month. I use Half poly and half cotton string. Occasionally ill use 100% poly string though. I prefer Type 6 string.


I’ve had about 120, used like, 50, in 6 months! Yeah, i get string to last a long time, lik,e a week. But now that I am moving on to harder tricks, I use strings in like 3-5 days :frowning:


The yoyos which is the for you is Lyn Fury, Kickside, and FAST 201.

Happy Throwing! =]

(ChickenDiavolo) #8

thanks for the help guys


But if you dont want to end up spending money again, just go with a X-Convict (highly recomended by your preferences that you told me about) or a Dark Magic (you wouldnt like it as much though)

They are all very responsive out of he box, so dont believe people when they say that they are too advanced for you.


they are intermediate to expert yos so you can use em.