Need help with My YYF Velocity

So, I got my YYF Velocity this christmas, and allready, one of teh silicon friction pads has fallen out, I’m not sure if I should keep out, for doing more unresponsive tricks, or put it back in, If I put it back in, how would I glue it so that it doesn’t fall out again, and I’f I remove it, How do I remove the glue residue that makes it super responsive.

I’ve had good results re-gluing pads using one of those glue sticks used for gluing paper like Elmer’s School Glue Sticks. Cleans up w/lighter fluid. 3M makes one called “Scotch Restickable Glue Stick” similar to the stuff used on their sticky notes. Never tried it but it may be easier to remove.

Thank you for actually helping me, instead of the 20+ people who just read the thread and left.

Some people might try but not know… on a side note, I thought velocity used starbursts? Or was that V1? and generally, if a sticker falls out, it’s a sign to replace… although none of my stickers have survived through a spinning yoyo to reglue.

I’ve had new stickers fall out. Re-gluing like JHB said works like a champ.

IN response, thank you all, I’m going to go try that now, but first, the velocity uses silicon friction pads, it’s not really a sticker, more like a ring of silicon.

Edit: re-read all of your comments, IT’s not a sticker, it’s a literal RING of silicon, like you would get with a rescessed silicone response, but the silicon didn’t stick to teh plastic and fell out of my yo-yo, SO I’m debating leaving it out for more gap, but I’m not sure if it would fail do to glue residue on teh inside of the space it WAS in.

Sticker or ring - Clean out the recess w/some lighter fluid, wipe it dry and glue it back in.

If you leave it out the yoyo will not play right. You need it in there to make the yoyo spin as much as it needs to be there to make it rewind.

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Thanks, except, lighter fluid disolves rubber, glue, and plastic, as in, yo-yo plastic, I’m not sure if IT would be a big problem. But I think your logic may be flawed, I thought that was why people are extra careful in getting the solvents out of thier bearings before they put them back in thier yo-yo’s, so the yo-yo itself doesn’t dissolve.

Sorry, but no my logic isn’t flawed. I speak from experience. After years of using it to clean sticker residue, I haven’t dissolved a yoyo yet.

You get the solvent out of bearings so it doesn’t undue the effects of any lube you might put in after you clean it.

You’d be amazed at the myths people propagate on these boards as truth and fact.

I can say that I’m with JHB here to the fullest.

If you don’t want to play with solvents, or if you worry about not glueing the pad in correctly, you can buy new pads with the adhesive layer still intact.

(the large thin ones, by the way)


thank you all for the help! and No, solvents don’t scare me too much, my other hobby is the reason my basement is a store house of PVC cement.