Need Help with Matrix


Can someone help me on the Matrix? Whenever i try to bring the double or nothing into a trapeze it keeps on acting like a bind and hits my hand. Please help.

(George Wollaston) #2

It sounds like your yoyo might be responsive. I’m assuming from your profile that you’re using the DM2. Do you have the speed bearing in?


No, but i tried with it in and it worked! Thank you! ;D


tri to throw breakaway and it will be fine

(WildCat23) #5

Just learn to accept the fact that the spoon doesn’t exist. Then you should be fine.


Oh crap… I lost my speed bearing!


Oh no! Well, you can either find it or replace it with another size C bearing. How exactly did you lose a bearing though? Just curious.


apparently they changed something in the matrix 8)

looks like you’ll have to buy some spares


How do i quote? And i lost my bearing while cleaning.

(George Wollaston) #10

As for the bearing, if you can’t find it you’re going to have to get replacement here. Make sure to click on the dropdown list and select the Speed bearing.


Thank you for both things!