Need help with ladder escape part 3

I’ve been trying to do this trick for weeks now, I’m doing something wrong…

I can get up to the beginning of the 3rd video, and have tried numerous other videos to get it, but I’m stuck. When I go to pick up the slack from my throw hand thumb and forefinger, and nothing “catches”, like it just unravels and it’s over. What am I (not?) doing?!? Please help it’s making me crazy!! Thanks!

Okay I just want to make sure i’m understanding you here… so you have flipped the slack around your throwhand and when you go to open the loop with your non throwhand thumb you lose it?

The thing i kept doing wrong was when I grabbed the loop to swing it around my hand i was grabbing it with my fist palm down instead of palm up…

No, I can’t get quite as far as flipping the slack over my hand. The part right before that, where you drop your freehand thumb and let it hang. No matter how I try to pull the loop from my throw hand with my freehand thumb, there is no knot at all, the loose string just pulls loose and I have basically just undone everything. Does that make any sense?

Okay so after you drop the string from your freehand thumb… your throwhand forefinger and thumb should be in an L shape with a string going over the top of your TH thumb and TH forefinger… then you use your nonthrowhand thumb to pull the string going over your TH thumb and TH forefinger open (but keeping that L shape still)… so at this point you should have both thumbs inside the loop… then you grab the loop with your throwhand (palm facing up) and whip it around your hand…

Hopefully that helps a little… If not let me know and i will try to put up a short video of it too

Oy! I finally got it! I was doing the mount wrong and so nothing was quite right, lol. Thanks a lot for your responses though, I’m very appreciative!

Right on - glad to hear ya finally got it… i know the relief when you finally nail it believe me ;D