need help with 3 things

1 is i cant find music that will work great fo talent show when im doing yoyo tricks, any suggestions? 2 is do i need to take the bearings off my speedmaker to get it to do off string? 3 how would i take the bearing off anyway?

To take the bearing off you use pliers and no I don’t think you do because when I bought my big yo, for offstring, it comes with a bearing inside so no i don’t think so

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now i just need a good music chouce

Yeah, I don’t know why you would need to take the bearing out for offstring (4a) but if you do need to take it out for a cleaning or whatever, just grab it with pliers and wiggle it out. If you need more help, there are a lot of topics on this site about it.

I would suggest to just use what music you like. I’m sure that something you listen to would be fine for a talent show.

i might have read it rong but i think the aquarius didn’t have any bearings so i thought thy needed to come out to work better.

Yeah I think you read it wrong. The Aquarius has a bearing. Bearings will give longer spins over fixed axles.

1.) No, Dont remove the Bearing :smiley:

2.) What song you want? Slow, Kinda :D, Or fast?


Seems like Brian as answered your yoyo problems quite well.

Now for the music. Its all about Tempo. You need to find a music that fits your speed. If you have fast music it makes you look like you are too slow. If you have music that is too slow then it makes you look like you are not thinking about overall appearance. Find one that flows with your speed of yoyoing.

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By the way in the Big yo the bearing just pops out really easily

different music for different styles
examples: flo rida with right round would go nice with 2A
find something with a good rythm and go with that

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theres just one thing. I go to temple babtist and i dont think songs like those would be ok. are there any country songs that would work with a mediom tempo? also, how do you foot start a yoyo?

hey dude, something from switchfoot, like Meant To Live or Gone (christian band)

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thanks! but does any one know how to foot start a yoyo? i can’t get snap starting so i would like to try foot starting

i recommend upbeat music, or somthing with a fast tempo…boom

I would recommend trying snap or thumb starts but for a foot start just put it under the front of your foot and kind of stomp on it, but leave your heel on the ground for this.

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1-paralizer 2-no u can leav the bearing on for offstring 3-grab bearing with plyers wiggle it and pull at sam time

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i also recommend snap or thumb starts. foot starts can damage a yo and cant be done evrywhere because of said problem. a lot of people here, from what ive noticed, prefer thumb starts because they are a lil easier to learn.
even though i never learned thumb start and just went straight to snap. i “caught on” quicker…
the main thing for different starts is practice, practice, practice. someone on here, not sure who exactly, said to refuse to wind start your yoyo while trying to learn, that way it forces you to learn. thats how i learned to do so.

ive been trying to snap start my speedmaker and DM for as long as ive yoyoed and i cant get it, so i tried foot start but its hard to do barefoot. but i’ll try thumb starting if someone could tell me how or point me to an existing topic that tells how

Dude I also thought you could do Bullets by Creed, that ones tight and there christian

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Creed is not Christian. The singer was a Catholic alter boy but he’s fallen away. His words not mine.