Need help trying to find a good string to use?

As mentioned in the topic I need help trying to figure out the difference between kitty fat and kitty xl string I just got a kitty first class normal strings and it’s great don’t get me wrong but I am wondering if there is a string that can give me a soft - thick feeling and will be great for whips and slacks do you have any recommendations thanks :grin::+1:t2:


Zipline ep2020

I was an adamant Airetics user until they closed up shop a few months ago :frowning: Now I’m left chasing the dragon trying to find something as soft as those strings! I’ve heard Zipline Skylines are pretty dang close and that’s the next one I’ll be trying.

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I think the Plushh from @BadWolfeCo is intended to be a replacement for certain Airetic strings. I’ve only tried the medium (“Goldilocks”) thickness and it’s thicker than Kitty FC and much much softer. It’s possibly a little too thick for some gaps, but I love it where it fits. Kitty FC Fat only works for me on fairly narrow gaps. I’ll need to try the thin Plushh if it exists for those throws.


I said this in a thread the other day and I’m sticking by it. Sochi Fat is what you’re looking for. It has a nice feel that is soft but not too soft so it doesn’t fray too quickly, it whips well, the thickness is just right for most throws, and it’s consistent and affordable. Get you some.

If you’re interested in high quality poly/nylon blends, get some Plushh from BWC like stated above. They’re great and I think Goldilocks is a perfect thickness.


Zipline Skyline on all my throws. + those Dudes are super cool!

for softer string i prefer YYSL - it has such a primo feel imo.

my other go-to string are mfd vines, but the feeling is the opposite side of the spectrum.

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ZipLine Prestige, though it might be a little slim if you’re looking for a really thick string. I think it’s perfect, but I know others are looking for something thicker.

BadWolfeCo Slicc - Either Goldilocks or Dummy Thicc depending on how thick you really want it.
The Plushh is also really good, it just depends on if you want Nylon or Poly/Nylon.

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Thanks for all the shoutouts, fellas.

Just to clarify a comment above, Plushh isn’t much like Airetic. Plushh blend is more like a polyester string with a bit of nylon added to make it softer and more whippy. Slicc is pure nylon, more like Airetic although we make our strings differently so they’re not exactly the same.