Need help putting together my first trick routine

Ok so I have been practicing for 3 months now and already at expert level tricks on this site. When I first started I set myself a goal to do a yo-yo routine at a local talent-show (called Open Stage; within the first year and I think that is definitely a possibility as I am getting the tricks down. The issue is, right now I am mostly a one-trick-at-a-time thrower, the only tricks I can easily string together are Matrix and Cold Fusion.

So I was wondering if anyone has a simpler 2-3 minute routine (more flashy, less technical) that they wouldn’t mind sharing so I could start practicing? I am really just looking for tricks that go well together, not someone’s freestyle for Nationals. I don’t plan to compete with this, just impress a bunch of jugglers and singers that the talent-show.

I have a feeling that if I could get help with a simple yet interesting first routine, I might be able to get the hang of stringing tricks together and be able to do it myself from here on out.

The Cold Fusion is a good place to start for learning Side-Mount Lines, Front-Mount Lines are easier to learn in the beginning. That Cold Fusion was one of the first tricks in a line I learned…Something called Buddha’s Fusion from the Yomega Trick DVD I got with my Crossfire Gift Set into a Gerbil.

So, its like a Buddha’s Revenge into a Cold Fusion into a Gerbil. It flows pretty damn well…, My suggestion is just learn all the Trick Ladder Tricks so that you can at least compete but also realize that you can link a lot of the Trick Ladder Tricks together. Like a Kwijibo into a Cold Fusion into a Gerbil etc. etc. The Gerbil into a Kwijibo. The Kwijibo and Gerbil are good openers and closers to have at the Beginning or End of your Line.

Freestyle is all about Creativity.

One thing you can do is learn a speed combo, and do it slow until you feel comfortable with it. Then you can build in some speed or such more technique. Make it look good. What ever it might be. Speed combos are generally simple and easy to learn in my opinion. As far as linking trick together all I did was finish the trick, see where i was and what i needed to do to get into the next trick. Sometimes its just a hop. sometimes its alittle more complicated. But you can play around alittle bit. Get funky.

first walk the dog, then rock the baby, then eli hops