Need Help Choosing

It is between the yoyomamma crystal, the yoyomamma Battle Axe, the yyf Starlite, the yyf JK, or any other yoyos around $25.

I am looking for something that is smooth, stable, and can handle playing fast but can also play slow. Also size doesn’t matter.

Well the JK is really mehhh. I don’t like mine. Has some vibe and is wobbly. The yyf Starlite is really smooth, stable, and plays like you like. It has an H shape, while the JK is rounded. Hope I helped!

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My Jk Is Very stable and smooth. I would suggest the Jk.

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I guess I may have gotten a dud or something. I guess after all the hype I was just dissapointed the Jk didn’t play like everyone thought. Its a pretty good begginer yoyo I gues, it just depends on your shape preference.

I think i will wait to get the JK.

I am still wondering about the yoyommamma yoyos so if any of guys tried these yoyos can you tell me how they play.

We have a JK and a Starlite. I like the JK, but really only use it when I’m going somewhere and want a yoyo to carry around with me. The Starlite is a more functional yoyo (although I think grinds are better with the JK).

Yeah since the Jk is metal, it’ll grind better.

get the yoyomamma assult yoyo at ebay its gold

Now it’s between getting the Starlite now, waiting till nest week to get either the Assault or the Blitzfire from yoyomamm, or wait two weeks to get a protostar.