Need help choosing a yoyo

is the pocket change a good fast yoyo that has good balance with good sleep times?

Assuming you already have a DarkMagic, I think DM is better. Find something else like an all-metal. If you don’t have the money, try buying a looping cheap yoyo or save for a metal.

Oh yea, my own preference for a metal yoyo is the DV888.

hey, please don’t double post next time and I don’t think he’s intrested in looping.
As for the topic, a pocket change is a great yoyo like a velocity, but it’s not incredibly well made like an all-metal and spin times don’t matter much. But, if you really need to know, spin time on a pocket change is decent like a minute - 2 min really much standard for a plastic. Great yoyo

then wat is a good yoyo to use?? Preferably yyf plz.

well ,yyf features many, but there are outstandings:
YYF Protostar
YYF Northstar
YYF Dv888
YYF Grind Machine
If you’re a total yyf fanboy, well try those, if not these ought to be better:
YO-YO-UFO Mercury
YYJ Dark Magic 2 (great, but not 100% recomended)
Duncan Raptor
Shinwoo Zen 5

Price? And why YYF? Try others. Maybe there’s another one out there…

yeah, there are many, a yyf fanboy ain’t too great cause there are many more better such as CLYW are the most beast as well as SPYY. but they’re expensive.

yeah it is really expensive, maybe because it is all high end metal yoyo. so back to the topic, so what is your budget? if it,100$ and you are a yyf fanboy maybe genesis or G5, if your budget is 50$ go for DV888

Who said he was intrested in looping? He replied to a thread of mine that he has a DarkMagic. + It’s in his favorite yoyo in status. Your not an admin to tell me no double posting. I don’t do it on purpose, I forgot.

alright ty

And I suppose you forgot to be kind? He doesn’t have to be an admin… you can take advice from anyone.

That wasn’t advice, he said it in an offensive way! :frowning:

Whatever… Sorry Skeleton.

i dont think that’s offensive, like is said “please dont double post”