Need help ASAP


So I’m competing for the first time tomorrow(woohoo) and I need to know how to make my pads more grabby, no, I don’t have new pads. Thanks.


Someone figure this out and run pad makers out of business.


I don’t know how to help you, but good luck! I’m sure you’ll give Epic Strings and Tropic Spins a good name :D.


thicker string?


Go buy some spray adhesive and spray them.


Are you joking or not? Cause I have some…

Have that on there.

I’ll do my best!

No I mean just more grippy, not make then new again.


I say do it. It may work temporarily. At least, long enough for a routine. Try it tonight and see what happens.

Just try one first.


sounds riskyyyyyyy…

The reason i need a little more grab is just to land the last part(and i filmed this today, its not like they don’t bind)


Time machine or new pads unfortunately. Might as well stick to the guns maybe switch in a flat bearing if your using a centering bearing right now because flat lets the pads grab more.


I’m gunna go look that up. The time machine I mean.


What’s risky about the spray adhesive?


Lol the end of that video xD

But gettign back to ur problem, can’t u go out and get some flowable silicon?


A very very sticky yoyo or ruined pads.

I has rvt, but it’s not grippy.


Maybe this is after the fact, but try wiping them down. Water on a paper towel should work, but I’d probably use lighter fluid.


If you’re scared, just say it man.


welp, I just did the bind slower and it grabbed back and won me 3rd place at yolex. And I ended the same way hahahahaha