Need help asap cleaned my speed bearing and got responsive!


I really need help I cleaned my speed bearing by yyj and it got responsive.I cleaned it with charcoal lighter fluid then put v4m lube and it got way slower when I tried spinning it so I put 1 more drop of v4m lube but its responsive now what do I do!? :’(

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You just used to much v4m. Oil slows a bearing down. Just need the smallest amount on one ball of the bearing. Just play it for a while or clean it again and go much, much easier with the lube.


Oh thanks I was worried,but charcoal lighter fluid is good right =3


I prefer mineral spirits or acetone, but this is what’s recommended for lighter fluid:

Remember, when lubing with the shields off:
Dip a needle or pin into your lube. Touch the pin to 1 or 2 balls. You might repeat. Spin. Done.

If the shields are on, half a drop is more than enough.

You won’t need to lube often.