How should I fix my bearing?

I decided to clean my bearing with lighter fluid even though it was already clean to see if I could get it to spin for any longer, which was kinda stupid, since after I cleaned it the bearing spinned a lot slower. Is there any way to make it spin faster again?


Nevermind, after playing with the yoyo for a bit more the bearing started to slowly get better


I used lighter fluid forever. You have to spin the heck out of it immediately after pulling it out of the fluid until it’s completely dry otherwise it’ll leave a film that will ultimately slow your bearings spin.

I just recently switched to 100% acetone and it works a lot better. You can get a decent sized bottle for a dollar from Walmart in the nail polish area. Highly recommend over lighter fluid.


Ok, ill try that instead if I need to clean my bearing again

After cleaning with lighter fluid I usually give it a blast with compressed air. The compressed air cans you can buy to clean computer keyboards etc work just fine if you don’t have access to a compressor.