Problem about V4M lube???


When I’m cleaned the bearing , then I add 1 drop of V4M and wait for a few minutes. When I play, it became very reponsive, I have played for 3 days and the situation didn’t change, please help me.


I wonder how much the humidity is playing a factor in all of this.

First, it sounds like you’re doing the right thing: cleaning the bearing then applying lube. No need to wait, just start playing. Of course, as you expected, it can become MORE responsive when you lube it, but it should go UNRESPONSIVE when you clean it. The responsiveness from lubing should go away much sooner than you are claiming you’re having issues.

Do do this:
Clean it again using mineral spirits or better yet, lighter fluid. I say lighter fluid since I always see Vietnamese burning stuff, so chances are high that lighter fluid is a common item. If you’re going to go the mineral spirits route, I’m sure you’re aware many dealers cut a lot of product to “make more of it to go around”. I have no idea what they may cut mineral spirits with, but I can’t imagine it being smart. Worse case is they might cut it with water. So, if you’re going to use mineral spirits, please make sure you purchase a quality product from a place you can actually trust in order to make sure you don’t have any issues with it. I prefer mineral spirits, others here prefer lighter fluid. In this case, I’m going to say go with lighter fluid.

De-shield the bearing, taking care not to lose the C-clips or shields. Add sufficient mineral spirits or lighter fluid into a glass jar or container(bowl perhaps?) Soak for 15 minutes, flip, soak again for another 15. If you want, and it’s in a sealed jar, you can shake it up for a couple of minutes as well. Remove the bearing and place on a paper towel and let sit for a few minutes, then flip and wait another few minutes. Feel free to rotate more often. You’re just trying to drain the excess. Now, take the bearing and place it on a large chopstick so you can spin dry the rest out by flicking it with your finger. You may also want to use compressed air to help speed this up and remove more solvent faster. Lube if desired(I think it’s wise) with 1 drop of VM4, replace shields and start throwing.

That’s the best I can recommend.


Most people consider a drop of live way too much, and you can expect it to take a week or so to break in. What you wan’t do is (after cleaning) put a drop of lube on a needle, then touch the tip of the needle to one of the balls, put the bearing back in the yoyo and play.



I put a drop in my Code 1’s 10-ball and not only did it go dead silent immediately, but after about 10-15 minutes, it was performing way better than when I got it used off BST, well, unused, but still of BST. The bearing was de-shielded, so I think something got in there a while ago before the guy who sold it to me shipped it off.

I’ve also got YYJ thin lube too.


Well I guess it depends on how big your drop is. For most people it takes a long time to brake in, but some bearings take longer to break in then others.