Bearing help

I got a dm2 and am using the speed bearing. It spun for only a min so I thin lubed it every 3-4 hours.
When I flick it, unlike videos on youtube, it only spins for about 3 seconds…
How do i fix this?? How do I make it spin longer, and how often should I thin lube it?
(I got this about 4 days ago an used it for about 2 hours daily

You have too much lube in the bearing.

Clean out the bearing properly and skip lube entirely for the time being.

Using lube will decrease spin times. It can even turn an unresponsive bearing responsive. Lube won’t speed things up. I know this sounds contradictory. Lube prevents WEAR.

Playing 1-4 hours a day, half a drop(or less) on a shielded bearing once every month or two is more than sufficient

You’re new. Don’t obsess about spin times. If you can get though the trick you’re working on, you’re doing fine. As you keep playing, your spin times, throw and quality of your throw will increase through time and practice.

What else can ibuse to clean the bering? Don’t think I have lighter fluid…

I prefer acetone. Mineral spirits are good too. Simple Green has also been used. Someone was using no-residue electrical contact cleaner, which I’ve found provides a fast clean, but not the best clean I’ve experienced.

Another option is dish washing detergent(like Dawn, which is what I would recommend) and tap water, but you have to ensure you completely dry the bearing out so as to avoid rusting. If you dry it out completely, there’s really no need to worry about rusting.