Need $ Fast- Peak,CLiff, A grade chief, 2013 irony jp, chik, m1

PM Me questions and offers. NO Trades unless its for an iphone 5.

Peak- Hulk smash, near mint, dead smooth.

Cliff. Hulk smash fade. Barely used, dead smooth. 110$ OBO

Chief-Pink w/ black speckle one white mark on on side from kissing the painted wall, small, other side has one like it but smaller and more clear. Smooooth chief.  80$

Irony JP- 2013 edition, crazy yoyo. I hit it on my holster an found a tiny mark where you can’t feel, but I can’t find it again or feel it, but ill say near mint. The engravings have a spot where they are silver, and it came like that. 110$ OBO shiny thing at top is engraving flaw

Chik- Pink. Brass ultra lites, 3 nicks on each side, can’t feel any. 50$

M1- purple, rims stained. Plays nice, needs pads soon 35$

Stacked catalyst- one ding on a half, then about 3 pinpricks and such on the rest along with a hairline scratch. No stacks. I’m user the impression this may be a proto because it is raw and doesn’t seem to have clear ano. 60$ Solid

WANTS: damage Is fine
Peak with substantial damage or fg so I can play with no worries
General yo as always
Cliff fg or not
AC fg or not
Hex b grade is cool
Any offer no yoyo factory

Pics needed!

66 Trade count and no pics ::slight_smile:

Sorry guys, in trying. On my phone in the middle of Georgia with hardly any 3 g uploading takes a while. Gimme 5 mins