FS LE Chesterman Beach Peak

I know I’m new to this forum and it can be suspicious, but I’m not a noob in the comunity, is just that I have been out for sometimes. I have good feedback in yyn, yyz and yoyo4all. I have well known members of the yoyo comunity that will support me if you need it. I’m a trustworthy guy, also I’m a member of DD44 and as you know theres isn’t a single scammer in our crew >:( also if you need, you can see my old videos in my youtube account hater_dv.

Well after this little presentation, I need to sell some yoyos of my collection. The first one will be my first LE Peak, a Chesterman Beach. I bought it sometime ago because I wanted a LE Peak in my collection. Some time after it I have the luck to buy the OG Peak number 44, so now that I have the holy grial I won’t hesitate to sell Chester Peak. This Peak is totally mint, with original silicone and only thrown a couple of times. I almost always use my Hulk Smash as main, so this yoyo was never played. I can’t find the original box, but will send it with some string and stickers :slight_smile:

Send me offers and I will keep this post updated about the actual price. Payment will be made through paypal, I will only send it with tracking so we can be sure if you receive it or not and payment must be made prior shipping.

Here is a pic I just made, I can take as much as you need guys:


Edit: As promised, here are some more pics https://plus.google.com/photos/105161201154381776599/albums/5932061241018180753?authkey=CPnWwdzEqLTnYA


The actual price is 350$!