need better tricks

alrite i need more tricks like beyond this website cause i have learned all of the them and i need better ones i already know 2 or 3 from the yoyoexpert tutorials on youtube do you guys have anymore

p.s Anybody want to give me a counterweight because mine broke please

I got a couple chilling out here

You also might want to look at

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You should consider making your own tricks.

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thanks xdohl but that was one of the tricks i already learned from the yoyoexpertutorials

and thanks pheenix i will try to make some tricks but i just wanted to see what other cool tricks people had

So if any have other good tricks post them please

He was linking to the playlist.

ohh i didnt know ill try to learn apollo becase it has pollo like my username

Try 5A :wink:

(Or any other style for that matter)

i do 5a but the other day my dice broke when it hit the wall. Does any body want to give me a counterweight? Please

Try Sam Lopez’s tutorials:

Happy Throwing! =]

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Need more? Here ya go:

Here’s the tutorial that I made, inspired by Jensen Kimmet:

Happy Throwing! =]

super carioco i know its too long for me to finish and the gt i already knew

It’s too long? I’m pretty sure a few tricks on this site are just as long if not longer.

For a counterweight, just get a bouncy ball and drill a hole it in. If you by some chance don’t have one, many places (such as Walmart) have little quarter machines by the entrances that have bouncy balls.

i dont have a drill what other thing could i use

You could get a screw and screw it through the bouncy ball.

ill try tommorrow when i get a bouncy ball

Try these two:

Note: If you click on the 2nd one they’ve got about 30 tricks.

Its not that its to long its when you spin the yoyo like that the strings rub on the yoyo so much and it totally kills your spin, it took me all summer to get


Well then work on your throw and for the spinning part on that trick, move your hands so that the strings line up with the gap more. Both of these combined will help tremendously.

raytsh on youtube has some really great tech tricks. I’m actually working on two of his right now, Vector and Exist. His tuts are sometimes a little bit hard to follow, but he has great moves. its worth looking at.