Need anodization done for my dti beast.


hey i am looking for someone who can do an anodization for me. i really want someone who can really do it and won’t mess up. i am looking for beadblast on a raw dti beast. pm me if you can. pm for prices.


I believe SpottedBanana will be able to do that. :slight_smile:

She is soo amazing.


Mullicabob does great polish + blast jobs. PM him.


Now I might have to buy something off you just cause you said that! ;D


SpottedBanana might be the way to go. I’m not sure if she does beadblasting though, so there’s a real chance this may have to go through two vendors to get it done.


I’ve got a couple of Quickmates that would look deadly with one of your polishes. ::slight_smile:


I just assumed you saw me prowling around your BST when you made that comment up there. Trying to soften me up. Was thinking the Hspin maybe, love the round gaps with the powder. I’d have to do a his and her powder on the Quickmates ;D


Get a powder coat done by mullicabob! You won’t regret it! And Links, I like the look of the Singularity!