Need advice on a begginer yoyo

So I have been yoyo-ing for about a week now and I was wondering which yoyo i should get.
I currently have the Duncan imperial and butterfly and got up to 20 seconds of sleep time on the imperial (and for some reason the butterfly i got is a bit unresponsive), I can do a few tricks (walk the dog, around the world etc.) The yoyos listed below were ones i am looking at but if you think there is a better one not here yet me know.
-Duncan Pulse
please give me some advice, I need to make my choice by Monday.

Pulse is imperial shaped which is only good for looping and won’t sleep well. Velocity has too much centerweight and dv888 is undersized.

This is the best responsive I think:

It’s got a modern full size shape with a slim bearing and rubber response.

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The Classic is great for responsive and unresponsive.

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do you mean that is small or lightweight I’m a bit confused.

Under size means smaller.

And I recommend the YoYoJam classic with a C size bearing and 10 pack of kitty string 100% polyester.