Need a rec for my one throw of the year

Hey guys, I need some advice. I usually get about one yoyo a year, and that time of the year has come around. I have two requirements – 1) it needs to have a quiet bearing, and 2) no, or very very little, vibe. To give you an idea of my skill level, I can do the majority of the advanced tricks, and I’m working on some of the expert tricks. I don’t get a lot of time to practice – so what I’m really looking for is something that is just plain fun to throw.
My main throw is a hitman that I’ve modded the gap to just over 4mm. I really like the shape and feel of the hitman, but the vibe is obnoxious. Also the bearing is extremely loud – so loud that it really distracts people from actually watching the trick. They’re first reaction is usually, “what’s in that yoyo?”, rather than say, “hey that’s a cool trick.”
As far as preferences, 54mm is about as large as I’m willing to try, and I do prefer large bearings. I’d rather not have to use flowable silicone – I just don’t get enough time to do that sort of thing. Also, I’d like it to look cool, because I usually only get one yoyo a year, so I spend a lot of time with one throw. But these are not necessarily deal breakers if it’s a good enough throw I’m willing to try something a little outside of these constraints.
I’ve been looking at CLYW, One Drop and SPYY, but I’ve never tried anything by these guys. Any rec’s?

All the yoyo’s in the brands you’ve listed are very high class and should not have vibe.
They can, as well, do all the tricks you’ve listed up until you go to worlds.

But on the quite bearing though, it depends if you’re running the bearing dry or lubed. You can change the sound of most yoyo’s by lubing the bearing. But I still get what you mean.

Out of CLYW, I like the Sasquatch although many other’s prefer Avalanche.
OneDrop, there is this one epic yoyo that has side effects and is precisely 54mm, the One Drop 54.

And by the waym what’s your budget? If you have enough, you could buy a Messiah.

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I recently picked up an STYY Remnant 2 and it was quiet, smooth and stable right out of the box.

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If the Messiah were $40 bucks less, I would consider it. As it is with my skill level and the fact that I just do this for fun, it’s hard enough to justify $100 bucks on a yoyo much less $150.

About the Remnant 2 –

  1. Is the wall around the response polished or is it bead blasted like the rest of the yoyo? I play indoors a lot and i’ve heard that the bead blast finish can be hard on strings so that they can sometimes snap.

  2. Will pads fit in it?

  3. I haven’t read a review of it. Can you talk more about it? It’s definately one I’m interested in.

Really the only thing I don’t like about the OD 54 is the color. If they were in stock in anything more interesting than Red, Black or Blue, I’d probably get it. From the multitude of rave reviews they do indeed seem pretty epic.

how bout te remnant 1… its 85 bucks copared to 100 for the remnant 2 and it comes with a kk and its got nice anodize

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If you want a 54mm then the OD 54 would be great, smooth, quiet,and if you dont want to silicone you can buy some OD pads.The 54 is also great for grinds if your into grinds.

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Really, the 54 is fine.

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I think I’ve found the throw that fits your needs. The SPYY Supra. It has a cool colorway (well, at least I think so) It has C sized bearing, Its 51 mm, has pad response (also accepts slim CBC and K-pads.) and its $100. So, this yoyo fits all your needs. Heres the link just to save time :

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Thank you, everyone, for the responses. I think I may just wait and see if the 54 is going to be released in another color sometime soon.


Skeletonboy mentioned the CLYW avalanche. I know this is pretty much against everything I said I wanted in a yoyo, but this thing looks pretty good. It is full sized, but it’s not much larger than 54mm and I like both the width and weight. The shape looks comfortable and not like it’s going to break my hand on fast returns. I’m not entirely sure on the flowable silicone. If the groove is deep enough, I guess it would be ok as long as I’m not having to reapply silicone every couple weeks. How are the bearings on CLYW? Are they quiet? I’m very close to dropping the cash for this one.

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Any yo-yo will be quiet if you keep the bearing lubed. Just pick up some V4M lube when you buy it and just put one drop in when the bearing gets loud. Done and done. Avalanches are great. If you really must get a super quiet bearing then pick up a one drop 10 ball, but i find that any bearing is perfectly silent with some lube in there. The groove on clyws is pretty deep so flowable lasts a good while in there (you might have to apply maybe 2-3 times a year.)

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If you like SPYY, the pro or supra are both excellent choices. I have both and they are so so awesome.

Avalanche. If it fits your preferences, it’s best to go for one. Any yoyo can be silent with lube.

If you want a nice and comfy shape, I would recommend the SPYY Addiction. It has one of the most comfortable shapes out there. Its 54 mm and uses pad response. But it uses a center-track which can get kinda loud sometimes.

I would also recommend the VsNYYC Battosai. It has a very nice shape, is 51 mm, and has a OD 10Ball. Although it does use flowable silicone.

I would also recomend the Chico Yoyo Company Bull Dog. It has a great shape, uses pad response, is 50.64 mm, and uses a large, size C bearing

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I’ll have to look into these – they haven’t really been on my radar. In fact, I’ve never even heard of the Battosai. Thanks for pointing them out.