NED: boomerang review, my first

what is a ned? A ned is a yoyo that is sold during a school assembly called “the NED show”. The show sells 3 different yoyos all over-priced, they are as following:

“the NED yo”- a plastic fixed bearing yoyo in the shape of a butterfly/wing.- $5.99
“the boomerang”- another plastic yoyo however in a hybrid (think yyf firedog) shape and instead of a bearing, a trans-axle.- $9.99 (has auto return mechanisim)
“cosmic SPIN”- the last yoyo, butterfly shaped, ball bearing, slightly heavier then the rest.- $14.99
all throws have a dual starburst response

Well, the boomerang was my first throw. I decided to get the boomerang because it was in the middle of the price range, like a duncan, ned yo’s came wither cheap, expensive, or in the middle. However, a duncan mosquito far out preforms any NED iv’e seen.

First Impression:my god, that yoyo is CHEAP. The plastic looked like that of a FHZ. The bearing was a piece of plastic with a string retainer on it. the yoyo was branded with: MADE IN CHINA. While China isn’t always bad (think about the eight8eights!) this looks like the demon child of a firedog and a FHZ, eww…atleast the starbursts were done well… 4.5

On a throw:Ahh, my first sleeper. I threw it down, slept for 3 seconds. As a begginer yoyo, very responsive. With time, i got a 10 second sleeper and the yoyo was unresponsive how i like. However, after the yo went responsive i put some oil in the trans axle, then, BOOM responsive again. The starbursts are very loud. I accually had a part time job modding ned yo’s, i made $3. yay. Good for begginers, althought, being a hybrid shape, string tricks are very hard and this yoyo feels like a rock on a string. I feel that if i were to bang it on the ground, the plastic would splinter like glass… 7.5 (if this is your first throw that is, if not, it would be a 0)

The verdict:this throw is good for begginers however, its just not for me, final score: 6/10, D-

Sorry that this may seem a little off-topic, but you wouldn’t happen to live in Tx would you? My brothers just had Ned come to their school so I was wondering lol.

no, i live in dot MA

it is not a bearing.i fyou say its a peice of plastic than its a transaxle(think a fire ball)hope i helped

happy throwing

Thank you very much,I never knew what it was called, i’ll fix it.