Ned yoyo guy

Has anybody ever heard of the Ned the yoyo guy?
Basically it’s a company that sells very terrible yo-yos and demonstrates theirs trick at elementary schools.
What kills me is that at the elementary schools the demonstraighters use yyf yoyos not there own yoyos.

They are doing nothing wrong at all. They are doing everything right if you ask me.
If you knew nothing about yoyo’s, would you spend $50 or more on a yoyo for your elementary student? I know I wouldn’t. I actually have a ned yo and it’s not that bad at all. It’s a responsive yomega wing type yoyo.

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He sells re-branded Super Yos, from what I know. My niece had the NED experience last year, showed me her yoyo, and then I got into throwing. The only one I wanted at the time (indifferent now) was the Renegade they were selling (branded as a Cosmic I believe).

About the concept. I’m totally for it. It will only help promote yoyoing and help the hobby to grow. What Ned’s skill level is like, I’m not sure yet…about to Youtube his performances to see if it’s anything like what we do.

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Yea I guess you guys do prove a point.