Nationals 2009

Nationals this year was awesome. I got to try new yo-yo’s, buy some yo-yo’s, and meet new people. And what was really awesome, was my friend came along too. You know him as lev1 here. I saw some amazing stuff at this competition. Augie’s freestyle was INSANE, it was my most favorite. I was suprised that he didn’t place in the top three. Yukki Spencer’s was pretty awesome too. I got to try alot of yo-yo’s, I mean ALOT. Some of my favorites were the Hatrick, Skyy Chaser, 5 Star, Mayhem, and Wooly Marmot. The Hatrick and 5 Star were my favorites of the day, and I eventually decided to buy a Hatrick. Best yo-yo I’ve ever thrown. Besides a Hatrick, I bought another Sunset to start 2A. I also bought a few SPEC bearings, a 100 pack of string, and a YYE t-shirt. I should be good on yo-yo’s and accesories for awhile now. I had such a great time at Nationals this year. Here are some pics I took-

The 1A champion Yukki Spencer performing his freestyle-

Tyler Severence during his 1A freestyle-

Guy Wright performing some of his tricks in front of a crowd-

The 5A champions-

The 4A champions-

The 3A champions-

The 2A champions-

And… The 1A champions-

My awesome new Hatrick…

And my growing collection…

Hope you liked the pics.

awesome i saw yukkis freestyle on youtube and its amazing

The BOSS was the best yoyo you used, and now the Hatrick… oh boy :stuck_out_tongue:

But nice! What Hatrick did you get? The nationals ones are neat :slight_smile:

I got a Baby Blue/Grey Hatrick. I just posted a picture of it.

And… Rest of pics are up. Enjoy.

Ooh. production run.

But what happened to the BOSS?

I tried so many yo-yo’s that I felt were better than the BOSS. Don’t get me wrong the BOSS is a good yo-yo, but the Hatrick seemed to blow the others away.

What is your Hatrick like Samad? Is it raw or beadblasted? Is it a production run?

Beadblasted. I got, what Ernie calls, a BA Edition (Bad-Butt :P). Its rarer than the production runs, but not as rare as the red and gray nats ones.