National YoYo Contest website?


Can someone please PM me the official site? I Googled it but I just find a bunch of random junk. Not the World YoYo Contest, the National one in California. And also, does the WYYC change locations? I know the NYYC doesn’t, but what about WYYC?


National YoYoContest:

Put in National yoyo contest in Google, the first link takes you to the National YoYo Museum, which then you can get to this link.

PM’ed too.


sorry just realized i put this in the wrong section


. Also to answer your question no the world yoyo contest does not change locations. It is held In Orlando Florida at the Rosen plaza hotel. The hotel is actually fairly priced and very nice too. I can’t give you any info on nationals because I have not attended it. Also word of advice, if while at worlds someone slips a pizza advertising thing under your door for cheap pizza and wings don’t buy it! You might end up like me waiting 2 and a half hours for the worst pizza of your life. Just walk to pizza hut on the same road.


I know the experience. There’s a reason it’s cheap. Had a few run-ins with similar offers that landed me in various emergency rooms. I seem to have bad run-ins with food poisoning!

I’d much rather make the effort to walk to a nearby place. I’m already starting to research the area around the Rosen Hotel at Worlds. I should have some decent plans for Worlds in a month or so.

If I get the contract for Nationals, I’ll drive down the night before so I can load-in dark and early, then maybe stay another night and leave after a good night’s sleep. It’s only a 2 hour drive, but after moving literally a ton of gear, I tend to wear out!