National Yoyo Contest 2016... This weekend

If you have the chance to attend. The National Yoyo Contest is upon us. Sept. 16th and 17th👍

Excellent venues for both days.

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Incase anyone attending the contest is interested - We will have the “Pickup at National Yo-Yo Contest” Shipping method available until the end of the day!

You can save a little money on shipping and won’t have to fight the crowd at the YYE table, just place your order online and we’ll have it set aside for you at the Contest!

While I am not attending, I think this is a very cool bonus option. One of a million reasons we love you YYE!

I’ll be there

I am actually driving to la right now to be there. I’ll just be watching. It is also my birthday today. So if you see me there, come up and say hi. My fiancee and I also volunteered to do the ticket booth on Saturday. So if you see us then as well. Come say hello. Definitely looking forward to being there and seeing everyone there.

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

Where are the results?

Where are they posted?

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Gentry take it home? Man 2 years in a row. Heck yeah. Should of bought a Shutter!

What about the other divisions?

So Gentry took home the Gold in the 1A Division. Why am I not surprised?

I’m not either, really.

Seriously guys, not trying to be difficult; but is this a secret?


beat me to it!

Seemed like Gentry was cleaner than worlds? He missed several whips in the worlds FS IIRC.

It is fascinating to look at the critia used in judging. It really put how the placements end up, into perspective.

How do they determine “Rareness”?

I really liked Andrew Bergen’s tricks. I find his stuff very interesting. His “Rareness" score seems to reflect that as well.


Well, regardless, 1a is so tight that each consecutive performance blew my mind. Ouch (throat hurts)

To bad Elliot Ogawa didn’t win 3A. It would’ve been a show!

clever one, you are :wink:

On 09-17-2016; at the National Yoyo Contest; nobody currently within the borders of the United States; could have beat Alex.


His freestyle was ‘3A’

I think it was Great that Alex was the final 3A contestant because nobody would have wanted to follow his performance😳

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