National Scout Jamboree

Every four years or so there is a national scount jamboree which is a 9 day camp were all the scouts (that can afford the hefty price tag) go to a giant festival type thing… Anyways, I heard boyscouts in my troop (i didn’t go) talking about the jamoree. And apparently they broke the world reccord for the most people yoyoing at one time and had proffesional yoyoers there. Anyone know about this?

Scouts Jump Up and Down for Yo-Yos

google is your friend…
(National Scout Jamboree yoyo)

They brought the guys out from Yomega to lead the Scouts… well, at least it wasn’t Zim Zam ;D

Seriously though, Scouting and Yo-yoing brought together! Awesome!

That’s pretty sweet, I went to 2001 Jamboree and we didn’t do anything that cool.