Narrowing down my preferences

My last purchase was a Sugar Glider, and, after a couple weeks of playing with it, I’m not sure that I really need to buy anything else, except…
I like fingerspins. And while I can execute them on the SG, it’s not exactly ideal. If I could buy an identical yoyo with just a hint of a centering dimple, I would totally do it, even for twice the price of the SG. I’ve done a lot of looking around, and I’ve got a few candidates, but I can’t really figure out what it is that I love so much about the SG. While I don’t really care all that much about shape, it does feel nice in the hand and I really like its general dimensions. But it’s really on the string where I like it, it just moves in a way that I get along with, it’s super smooth and binds with a reassuring authority.
So, is this a One Drop thing? Is this just how they all feel?
OR, is there something that plays nearly the same, that has a fingerspin gimmick?
I’m actually hesitant to buy anything else now, because I like the darn SG so much. I may just buy a second and call it a day.
Thanks in advance!


So, after much looking and spec comparison, I’m thinking that the iYoYo RiTTER may be the one for me. It seems to combine the things I like about the TopYo Meta (dimple, overall shape) with the things I like about the Sugar Glider (smaller diameter, width, and smoothness). And it’s hard to beat the price.

Ritter seems like a good option. It is a tad heavier, if you’re ok with that.

Hit the nail on the head there, that’s my one doubt. Have you tried the Ritter?

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No I have not, just took a look at the specs. If you don’t want something heavy there are lighter yoyos with fingerspin dimples.

Check out the Puff Adder and Death Adder from Reticulated Return Tops


Good call on the Puff Adder, @shatterFX. I’m not in love with the shape, but I the specs are pretty close:

I also like the solid black colorway, and the price is great.


It plays really light, floaty, and fun. I enjoy it a lot, and looking at the shape and specs it was something i didnt think id enjoy, but now its one of my favorites.


So…maybe I’ll wait for a sec… :thinking:


Theyre up now

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I have an ethos and I’d highly recommend it if you like midsized throws. Fingerspins aren’t as easy as on an iceberg but if you nail the center, it spins for days.

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Awesome, thanks!

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The Ethos, specs wise, seems closest to the Sugar Glider, and everything I’ve heard about it is pretty favorable. I might grab something else during the BF sales, and start saving up up for one and trolling the BST for deals. And yeah, based on how much I like the SG, it seems that mid-size is my jam.