Nano BLaster or 4XL?

Ok. These both are unique; I am trying to go with something different this time.

What yoyo do you think plays better, smoother, grinds better etc.

Thank you!

Nano Blaster…i cant explain how amazing it is, like its like nothing iv ever thrown before, mine is sitting right next to me haha ;D

Bumping this up.

ohmygodilovemyspyy is it better than the 4xl?

I just thought I throw in my two cents worth, I just recieved my 4XL this morning, it plays freaking awesome plus the jimmy hats are a cool change being as though this is my first yoyo with that kind of setup. My opinion is complety biased being that I have never heard of the nano blaster let alone thrown one around.

well me personally, i have both, i like my nano much better, but the weird is much more floaty, but at the same time less stable, so its up to you what you like better, i just cant even describe how amazing my nano plays lol all 4 of mine are champs =]

Bumpity bump, to see If ic an get more opinion. I am probably going to get an 09 worlds 4XL, but if any of you can change my mind, please try.

Just get the nano blaster.

Not trying to be a tool, but, Why though?

Ok. I am going to bump this up one more time. Probably getting the 4XL, but if someone can change my mind, go for it.
I will lock this thread if not.

Ok getting the 4XL thanks a lot everyone for your opinions.