Name the Throws, Challenge Accepted. Next throw?

Name what you see, if not that cool, recommend whats next!

free rider

pretty obviously there is a Petr Kavka splash Cliff

I also see a YYJ Phenom, I think I see a Yomega Fireball, I think that’s a Crucial Milk, a lot of CLYW’s I can’t tell the model from the side, but I do see a BvM2 box and comeback Avalanche box for sure… maybe a Summit…

I think that’s all I can name from sight

I see…
A clyw: Puffin, Avalanche, Basselope, Bvm2, Gnarwhal 2, Arctic circle 2, cliff, gnarwhal
Anti yo: Eestit
Onedrop: Cascade
Adegle: Glaze
Crucial: Dulce, Half and Half
Any: Free rider
Vsnyyc: Battosai
General yo: Hatrick
Ilyy: Verve, Void, Greyhound, Mary, Lio, Falcon
Yoyofactory: Dv888, Genesis, Boss, 888x
Yoyojam: Phenom, Lyn Fury, Spin factor Hg?
Hspin: Beysick
Yomega: Fireball
Duncan: Tournament yoyo?, Proyo Higby
Magic yoyo: T8
Playmaxx: Bumble bee
Tom Kuhn: Rainbow yoyo?

By company:

CLYW: Avalanche, Cliff, Gnarwhal, Arctic Circle 2, BVM2, Basselope, Puffin
OD: Cascade
YYF: Dv888, Genesis, 888x
YYJ: Karma
Hspin: Beysick
VSNYYC: Battosai
Yomega: Fireball
Duncan: John Higby ProYo
Tom Kuhn: Don’t know which but I see one
Any: Free Rider
C3: Krown
Crucial: Dulce

Do I see a Henry’s?

Puffin AC2 bassalope BVM2 telleport Eetsit
cascade glaze cliff battasoi falcon
freerider avalanche void mary liopleurodon
Halfandhalf T8 888x
“BC Rainbow” Boss
Genesis Gorylla profly bumblebee fireball
phenom 3in1 dv888 lyn coralsnake

Yeah, looks like a Python there in the front right.