Name of a mount...?

I use a specific mind of mount for a lot of my tricks and I just want to know if it has a name or not.

I basically throw a double or nothing, but instead of the last wrap around the NTH index to land on top of the outer most string section, I put my NTH index UNDER the string, reverse direction, and it swings over my TH index to land on that outermost section. It’s like a doubled 1 1/2 mount… (3 1/2 mount?)

Any thoughts? I think I might call it a 3 1/2 mount if it doesn’t have a name!


From what I understand, this just sounds like what most people call a Reverse Double or Nothing.

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I use it often, and think of it as a plus-style branding mount.

same here, 3.5 would be easier to remember

A 3 & 1/2 mount would not be correct though.

That would be the same as a One & 1/2 mount but with extra wraps. If you do a Trapeze you can easily roll into a 1.5 mount. If you throw a Triple or Nothing and do the same roll, you get a 3.5 mount.

Maybe a pic or vid would help

I know what your talking about… but I dont know if its common or elementary enough to have and actual name… but three and a half mount is something else which you can roll into from a triple or nothing…

why not brainstorm a few names up???

Do u go. To the first step of cold fusion where y put the string into the yo and you end up with two sets of strung wrapped on two fingers? Cause I think that’s the 2 1/2 mount

How about “The Man on the Double Trapeze’s Brother”

Oh…my bad, it’s not a plus-style branding mount. Forget I said anything.

This Is the mount. Sorry it’s hard to see.

It’s like a double trapeze and bro.

Trapeze and cousin?

Yeah, seems like a mount you would get in through rewind.