I vote for a trick name change!!!!!

Man on the flying trapeze and his brother… This mount, usually shortened to “Brother Mount” needs a name change quite badly.

I use it quite often when I throw, for the easy but satisfying slack flip and for the jedi backflip.
I vote that we change the name to the “Jedi Mount”. If some people call the 1&1/2 side mount the “Buddha Mount”, why not call the brother mount the Jedi Mount?? 8)

If you like this idea tell your friends. Maybe we can start a new trend. :wink: lol

What? The Man on the trapeze can’t have a brother? Always someone trying to tear the family apart :D. Actually, usually the person that makes a trick, names the trick. You can call it “catsup” if you want but to me… yeah.

i have never heard the 1 1/2 mount called the buddah mount.


Sometimes I call it the 0.5 mount or half mount, but man on the flying trapeze will stick.

I’m more concerned with the execution of tricks rather than the names.


Its like slang, you can call it whatever you think it should be called, even if people dont fully understand.

Half Mount sounds very clean.

The main reason for bringing this up is it looks horrible when written down. Im addicted to making lists and writing notes for everything I do in life. I have a nice organized list of all the tricks I can do with my yoyo. “Slack Man On The Flying Trapeze & His Brother” just drives me insane. lol.
I changed all of the brother mount tricks to Jedi mount tricks on my list and it looks way better. Ill just think of it as slang or something. I call that slack flip “Jedi Slack” now. 8)

Different people call different tricks by different names. Hopefully the man who created this mount will never come across my list, that might be embarrassing :-\

I always called it a Reverse Trapeze.

Trapeze and his brother works for me.

I say brother mount. It seems fine to me.

same here. i just say brother mount.

You could call it, “Brother Slack” maybe?