double or nothing question

After doing a Kwyjibo, I’ve been going from the double or nothing to man on the flying trapeze and his brother, but I still have it wrapped from the double or nothing (So its around my throw hand twice). I hope that makes sense. Is there a name for this mount? Kinda like double or nothing and his brother?

Trying to get inspiration of where to go from there, but without knowing a name for it I don’t know how to find it.


Do a slack trick from it?

You should make a video it’s really unclear how you explained it.

It’s a double and his brother ! You can’t do a lot of thing from that other than trick from a normal trapeze and his brother

You can go into a triple or nothing? it will be exactly like the last part of rewind

Thanks all. Actually went into a slack trick which I was able to pop the yoyo into the slack for a bind. Thanks for the tip.

I could go into a triple or nothing, but it’s toward the end of a longer trick (long for me haha) so I wanted a nice way to finish it other than just dropping it.

Double and his brother makes sense.

Again thanks!