N12 with yellow pad and 8 ball kk bearing????

what i know from the manufacturer website that the n12 should come with blue new pad and 10 ball kk bearing, now mine came with yellow pad and 8 ball kk bearing, how is it possible?
i order it on ebay

I also got a N12 (green/silver acid wash) and it came with yellow pads and 8 ball KK.

If I’m not mistaken only a specific N12 comes with the blue pads and 10 ball KK. (maybe a special edition). I could be wrong… I went to their website, but its down so I cant confirm.

is your yoyo still doing great?

Same thing for me like @theappe, I got a green/silver/yellow N12 on Ebay or Amazon (can’t remember), and it came with yellow pads.

Its doing awesome. The pads weren’t a big deal (just change them).