For those who own a MMY Shark Honor N12 - Pads

I wanted the mini star 2, but wasn’t in a financial place to justify it to myself.

Ordered a MYY N12 off ebay and am looking forward to trying it.

For those who own one, what pads do you like for the n12? Are the yellow ones good? Prefer not to silicone.

Sorry, these questions just keep coming up ad naseum.

Just any 19mm pads work. My favorite response is flowable, but if I had to choose one otherwise it would be the yyf blue pads. The myy pads are a close third, just keep them in for now. I would definitely advise rethinking silicone, because if you get flowable and watch good tuts for silicone, it gives reliable, long lasting response that is cheap. You can buy a tube of silicone that does 30-40 yoyos for the price of 3-4. You could buy a new yoyo with that money!

BTW great choice on the n12


Thanks. It’s a good yo-yo, I like it.