[N. United's BST]PRICE DROPS ON: Hatrick, Code 2, Dietz, more! LF PEAK!

Well I got a new camera so I decided to redo my B/S/T.
Here we go.

Paypal only, Preferably US only.
Shipping is included in the price.

[Want] (In order if priority):

  1. Cash
  2. Peak
  3. General-Yo KLR
  4. Skywalker
  5. Recreational Revolution (Recrev)
  6. General Yo
  7. CLYW
  8. Toxic String
    Feel free to offer anything, though.

[Have] (Click the link under each photo for detailed pictures of the yoyo and any damage.)

Burning Ember Code 2: $100 $90 or Trade. Has a tiny amount of vibe. Has several dings, scuffs, and nicks. Comes with original box.

1/11 Bad— Hatrick: $80 $75 or Trade. A tiny amount of vibe, I’m working on tuning it out. This is one of my favorite yoyos, it spins for ages and works perfectly. Looks sick, too. 1 of 11 of this colorway.

YYE Edition Dietz: $75 $70 or Trade. Has some small vibe, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the bearing, It was really vibey, then I switched bearings and it was a lot smoother with the current bearing. This throw is great, it’s fast and agressive, but a bit too much for my normal playstyle. It has some flat spots that break the anno and some small dings. Luckily it all blends in with the anodizing. Also there are miniscule scratches all around the rims. The side effects are slightly oxodized.

B-Grade Ministar: $30 or Trade. PENDING Beat. Comes with original box. Has some vibe, that came with it. But it is still a great, fast pocket throw that spins for obscene amounts of time due to the huge rims. Helps you become a more accurate yoyoer. This was the only yoyo I had during the time where I learned eli hops. Tough Stuff.

Magic Yoyo N9: $20. Mint but played. (Has used silicone) This yoyo is incredible. Everything I look for in a yoyo, perfect shape, stable, long spinning. The only issue I have with it is that the binds are slippy. I probably just need to replace the response.

YYJ Go Big: $25 $20 PENDING. 4a marks all around.

Light Up FHZ: $15 $10. (Deal sweetener) No damage as far as I can tell, but the response is completely worn. Just needs new silicone pads.

Broken Hspin Icon: $15 $10 (Deal Sweetener). This is modder fodder, because: I’m pretty sure I got a defective one, this was very vibey. The threads inside the yoyo are stripped and the yoyo halves will tighten, but cannot tighten all the way (They get loose). Has some flat spots and marks. Also, one side is more bead blasted than the other. Does not come with socks. TL;DR: Defective yoyo, broken, modder fodder. 5a marks all around. Comes with 3 extra pads.

So yeah, offer away.

Your new camera works really well…nice pictures !!

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