MYY Y01 Node -or- MYY T5 Overlord -or- Auldey/Yoyofficer Orbis?


As I await the arrival of my Magicyoyo N12 Shark Honor, I’d like to scratch the itch for another sub-$20 metal that outperforms its price point. Keeping in mind that I’ll already have the N12, which would you choose out of the following and why? I’ve been twisting the most between the Node and the Orbis with the Overlord taking 3rd place.

  • Magicyoyo Y01 Node
  • Magicyoyo T5 Overlord
  • Auldey/Yoyofficer Orbis


Personally I would scratch the itch for slightly over $30 instead as you have a lot more great options cough Silenus / Colossus

Another great option for insannnne deals is the #buy-sell-trade here, or on Reddit or Facebook.


Thanks for the suggestions! Since I’m just getting back into yoyoing after a long absence, I’m in a “keep it cheap” mode.Right now I"m planning to learn/re-learn on these (and my older yo’s) and depending on how that goes, proceed from there and possibly consider more expensive yo’s.

(Mark) #4

Personally I like the Node a lot more than the N12. Haven’t played the T5 but that’s an old MYY model - their stuff has gotten really good in the past couple years, but their older stuff isn’t so great, I’ve heard.


I found a good price on an all-black Node so I pulled the trigger on that and on fretting over what to buy. In the end, I’ll be getting a Node and a N12 for less than $18.50 delivered! That’s not much more than I’d pay for an Orbis all by itself so I’m happy with the decision. That’ll hold me for a while and I’m looking forward to learning on them!


I ordered the Orbis about a year ago, and I absolutely love it. It does a variety of tricks very well. Prefer it to the Node and the Overlord…which are good, too, but I think the Orbis is a step above. Just my own experience, though.


I’ve “wish listed” the Orbis for now but there may still be one in my future!


Definitely Y01.