Myy varient vs yyf replay pro

i am from india where getting good yoyos without breaking the bank is very hard . but i am getting a yyf replay pro for 16dollars and a magic yoyo varient for 18 dollars . what should i go for ?


What’s your skill level? For beginner I would recommend the Replay Pro since it comes with bearings for both responsive and unresponsive play. For intermediate/advanced the Variant might be the better choice.

Personally, if those were my only two options I would buy the Replay Pro because of the color choice options. I don’t like the color choices for the Variant and I try to only buy yoyos that are aesthetically pleasing (but also play well).

The Replay Pro only comes unresponsive, it cannot be converted to responsive as the bolt is too long.

They’re both fine unresponsive beginner yoyos, though. I don’t think you need both (but maybe you’d like both!)


i can do tricks like plastic whip , basic gt tricks and front tricks like split the atom , barrel rolls

btw i can get only one yoyo out of the two and i want a unresponsive yoyo

Variant. You should get a Variant. Variants have metal bearing seats, replays do not.

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But i like the looks of the replay


It doesn’t take a whole lot of abuse for the plastic bearing seat to get slightly warped, then your replay might start vibing like a washing machine. Some people don’t mind this, some people can’t stand it.

If you like how it looks, that’s the one for you, IMO

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Variant spins longer and its gap seems like it will make hitting tricks easier.

This is tough as I have both a Replay Pro and a Variant. I like them both but if I could only have one, I would probably go with the Variant. The metal bearing seats will not warp as was previously mentioned.

Only have a Replay Pro, but have been playing it a year and a half, you can learn anything on it. Plus gentry stein won nationals with it. I like to think of it as a biplastic (which it’s not) because he uses plastic caps on either end to serve as adding rim weight. Having plastic bearing seats does not matter, I literally throw my replay pro on the concrete every single day and it’s still fine, my whole diameter is dings.

They say you can do finger spins on it, i’ve looked at video, but it looks really hard, and I haven’t yet managed a long finger grind, but you can do short ones. Gentry stein’s idea in a yoyo is to be able to encompass all styles of play, you’ll find that here.