MYY K1 vs MYY T5

So I’m looking to gift a yoyo to a friend. He’s completely clueless as to how to yoyo, and I found both of em at an amazing price. Now I’m looking for something that can bring him a long way without switching yoyos, but I’m worried about the durability as well. Overall, which would you prefer, and why?

Thanks in advace!

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Do you have a budget? And can your friend throw a sleeper or bind yet?

Well budget won’t matter, but he is looking for an unresponsive if possible. By the way, I don’t have a One or Whip available, so it’s those 2.

Delayed response on this one - did you make a decision yet?

I had a hard time understanding your last response - did you mean you are only considering those two you originally mentioned?

No, not yet
And yes, only those 2. Those are the only really good starters available at my country with a decent shipping cost

Ah - what country are you in?

Without knowing anymore, I always suggest a plastic for a beginner. The K1 plays both responsive and unresponsive, but usually only comes with a unresponsive bearing.