Mysterybag just a bunch of Overstock?


Is the Mystery bag just a bunch of overstock?
Counter Attack Superwide and B-Grade Speed Dial?


I guess that’s part of the mystery, isn’t it?

(G2 Jake) #3

I think it’s a bunch of YYF overstock.

I don’t think YYE makes them, I think they just sell them.


Of course. And it always has been. If you were expecting brand new just-released YYF throws then you’ll be quite disappointed. Still a good deal, and lets you play things you might not have otherwise paid full price for.


how i see it: (counter attack) new 5A throw, (superwide) new fun throw, (speed dial) new responsive throw/ throw I don’t mind beating up/ let people try. I like it.


Our loss is your gain :slight_smile:


The way I see it, you’re getting a superwide (Over $60), a speed dial ($22 is b-grade), and a counter attack (like $34). Basically, you’re getting 3 yoyos for the price of just the counter attack. I wouldn’t be complaining.

Also, my box and bag have yet to come in.


Yes sir ! Great deal, can’t wait for next years!


I’m more exciited for the speed dial than the superwide :o


I am very glad about the throws that came. I enjoy the speed dial more than I thought. The super wide is…fun, and the counter attack is meh, but hey, three throws for the price of 1, I’ll take it. I also enjoy the tool. I also was wondering if anyone has gotten the super box, and what is in it?

(Waylon) #11

It’s a really fun yoyo. Floaty and fast. It’s hard not to like.

(*Kim*) #12

My 8yo loves his little Speed Dial. He’s such a small little guys that the fast light little speed dial is his new favorite throw. He took it to show off his skills at his Cub Scout meeting tonight and was the hit of the place.


I think that all of these yoyos are good but the counter attack would be the best in my opinion because it could actually play quite good especially with arm and finger grinds. The superwide is more of a collection yoyo for me because it’s so wide and the function on the speed dial is pretty cool although I have kind of moved on from responsive play. :wink:


But it’ll be there when you move back! I don’t see responsive play as something you have to leave behind just because you’re able to bind.


No, I don’t mean that I’ve stopped doing responsive tricks; I just meant to say that I have passed that section in the YYE ‘Learn’ bit. I am onto ‘Advanced part 2’ and I might start concentrating on looping tricks later on which will bring me back to responsive play.


Speaking of the speed dial, why does it come with an extra pair of starburst pad things?


It should of came with plastic ones and silicone ones.


So you have the option of using plastic or rubber?

That thank you was a mistake.


Yep plastic have a starburst on em the silicone also have a slight starburst but will play unresponsive if they are all they way in. If you use the silicone ones for responsive they will wear out super fast and you will be stuck with out being able to find replacements. Its what I did to my first speed dial.


I was wondering what they even were. I think I might have lost one of them already because they didn’t look like they were supposed to be there. :smiley: