Mystery Bag Unboxing (Unbagging?)


Hey everyone, I made an unboxing (unbagging?) of the Mystery Bag 2012. If you purchased one, I suggest you wait and let yourself be surprised:)


Hah, thought the first item you pulled out was part of the “bag” (ie. that they called it a ‘bag’ even though it wasn’t literally in a bag). I clued in quickly but for a brief moment I was like “whoah!” But then the unbagging was still cool. I don’t think any of them would be “first round” choices, but that’s what we expected. At the price point, an amazing deal for sure.


Counter Attacks are fun. My cousin used to have one. Beats the PGM, IMO.

I also though the Supernova and Chief were part of the bag. Great deal for $35 lol


Yeah I was pretty sad about the bag all of those went to my hall of shame. I really do not like the superwide lol and the counter attack well, its not bad but I do not even like the PGM so its not for me. At least the box gave me an avant garde so for $85 it was worth it considering the fact I almost bought the avant in the same color in chicago for $105


So basically the mystery bag contains items YYF has overstock on that they just want to get rid of to give way to for the newer runs.
That’s cool, I guess…no sarcasm.


Well, I suppose if anyone wants to sell me one of those SuperWides, hit me up in a while. I’m having a cash crunch right now(lots of unexpected bills came crashing down on me and I have a few key items i need to purchase to work on other projects for).

Depending on the price, I might help you recover your costs on the entire Mystery Bag… sound fair?


I don’t think anybody should have expected any different. A pretty common point made leading up to the boxes/bags being released is that they’re usually older/surplus throws.

To me, even if you don’t like the SuperWide, the Counter Attack and Adjust-O-Matic are still worth the $35.


It would be a awesome bag if I didn’t already have a SUPERWIDE but mines a b grade so at least ill have a new one