MYSTERY YYJ!!!! Need help!

My dad just gave this to me and I have zero idea what this is.

All I know about it:
Light weight
O-ring response
Small diameter
Normal width
Looks a little like a stubby DM2 shape.
NO IRG. Totally flat. Angled slightly outward.

The axle seat is cracked so I can’t get it open :frowning: Would really love some advice on that too.

Even though in the 2nd photo it looks like a DM2, again there’s no IRG.

(I haven’t posted something like this before so I thought that this thread would be pretty appropriate.)

It looks like a Hitman PRO.

That there appears to be a Hitman Pro. [ninja’d while adding extra info!]

What kind of O-ring? To me an O-ring is the black rubber thing. But the new terminology is any round silicone slim pad.

If it’s a black rubber thing, I’m wrong about the Hitman Pro thing.

No, sorry, it’s a silicone pad.

And yes it is a Hitman Pro.
Thanks for the help!
Can anyone help with the axle seat (the metal part in pic 3)?

The tiny teeth are not grabbing the plastic but are sliding and grinding.

Is the “metal seat” coming out? That wouldn’t be good. That would make it more responsive. Just wondering… do you know how it happened?

You can try to drop some epoxy in there to stick it together. Or just treat it as a non take apart yo-yo.

It’s not coming out. It’s only sliding inside its plastic socket. No I don’t know how it happened (2nd hand purchase). There isn’t enough room to stick some epoxy in either. Look at the last pic; when I try to unscrew everything normally, ONE metal axle seat spins.

It happens with every yyj yoyo, I have fixed it on several occasions.

Cover the nut and the plastic next to it with superglue!

Don’t be sparing with it and try to get it all around, the goal is to get it in between the axle nut and the plastic surrounding it.

Put it in a dry place, or else you will get a bunch of crystals around it.

Does that really work in such a tight space? or is it more like a sticky cap over the nut?

Super Glue is very thin and will seep into cracks as long as there is a teeny amount of space there. If it’s a crack but doesn’t “open” up at all, it might not get too deeply in; however, even as a “cap”, it’s not a wasted effort. Super Glue is good stuff. :smiley:

(incidentally-- it’s what I use for pore-filling wood projects. Actual pore filler is crappy because it shrinks too much)

Awesome!! Any recommendations on which brand or type?

Looks like a Dark Magic ll without the side plates.

I’ve never tried it with my YYJs (because I never had to), but you could get a plastic zip tie, tighten the loop to about the size of the nut/sleeve and force it on so that it squeezes the plastic, causing it to grip onto the nut. Might be enough to get it apart without glue. Just a experiment, though if you’re not willing to leave it on there, it might be temporary. If it’s a thin zip tie, you might not mind. Of course if it’s not enough grip, you might strip it worse.

I did this for my Exodus II which had cracked and left it on there, adding one to the other half as well. It’s not smooth, but then again it never was remotely smooth, and it’s an offstring!

The unscrewing problem you’re having was an issue I had out of the box on an sr71. I had to apply superglue, you can just go around the circumference of the nut (what I did) and then let it sit for a few hours. Should take care of the freewheeling when you try to unscrew

Are you aware that this topic was a year old, and answered correctly at that time? :wink: