Myself's BST

Hey all! i am saving up for a general yo, and need to sell my throws so i can get one!

I am not looking for anything in particular, mainly long spining throws. I am looking to sell, unless its a good trade.
Shipping is $5 for any throw, if you buy 2 it is still $5. My prices are not that firm.

Pictures coming very soon!

Rec Rev:

half pink half blue, mint from factory. unscrewed 1 time. Very long spinning, dead smooth, (via string pinch) and fast.
you will have to trade really really well for this if you want it, I absolutely love it.

very very near near minty mint. almost looks like ano. turquoise/green with pink splash and blue pencil mark size splash. Very awesome! Super smooth, fast, and long spinning! it will spin really long if you are going crazy! i seiriously love this yoyo, so you’ll have to trade big big big for this one.
Edit: Didn’t mean to press post


Pink. Lots of little scratches that you can’t see unless in sunlight, accept for 1 pinprick and scratch. very very fast and insain at sidestyle, spins long, and even though its pinkish, its still awesome.
Looking for $50


raw Agape
lots of tiny pinpricks, 1 mark that scratches you on grinds, no vibe via string pinch.
Awesome shape!


half red half blue, a little bit of visible vibe. very small pulse on string.

Thanks for looking!