Hey, I have a few throws I would like to get off of my hands.

If you have a arctic circle, I will trade a chief for it!

Oscillitrix, antipode, and bully for $85 Shipped!
Oscillitrix and Antipode for $75
Oscillitrix or Antipode and Bully for $50

RecRev Oscillitrix: pending
Spins insainly long, pritty fast, and almost no vibe. It is a really nice throw, I just dont use it enough. half pink half blue
LF: $44 shipped

Big Brother yoyo Bully:
Spins long, very solid. Slight vibe on the string and some visable vibe/pulse. Beat.
LF $15 with another yoyo, $20 alone. Silver ano.

H-Spin Antipode:
Fast-n-floaty! B size bearing, last yoyo they made, not that comon. 2 groups of pinpricks and some flatspots here and there. RAW
LF $50 shipped.

this yoyo, i would preferabley not trade or sell, but if you have a VERY good offer, I will sell or trade.

YoyoOfficer Brave:
AMAZING!! Solid and fast, and spins long! Not mint without box. Red with white specle.
Offer huge!

I If you are willing to trade any of these 3 yoyos, pm me!

Recrev @ or Sine//Saw
CLYW Arcitic circle

Thanks for looking! :wink:

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bully is only 15?

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