myself's B/S/T pics added! LF: OD Side Effects!

Here is what I got for sale.

Agape raw looking to trade $40 shipped!

Mint Purple G5 $40 Bought from jhon higby! (Mr. Yodel)sold

Green A.Y.C.E. 5 small dings $30traded

Really smooth orange/black splash Yuksta, beat $25 sold

Purple satined edges Popstar $15 sold

Realy beat blue Dark Magic 2 $10 sold

Thanks for looking! 8)

You need to post pictures in the BST thread.




I can vouch for this man! we live in the same house!


Bump. Happy birthday Modman10!

I can’t really see the AYCE’s damage, is that because there’s hardly any? Or is it just a blurry photo? Or maybe is the damage just reaaaally hard to notice?

Pms only! bump
Bad camera. there is about 5 dings and its pending.