Mod, Please Archive. Thank you!

I am currently looking for trades, but I guess I’d be willing to sell to buy more throws. The link below has all pictures of what I am selling and all damage that could be pictured, if any.

For Trade:

Anti-Yo YWET has 2 tiny hairline scratches and what appears to be slight ano discoloration by factory TRADED

Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2 MIP never thrown, purchased from YYE

CLYW Arctic Circle with box has one unfeel-able scratch PENDING

Duncan Raptor with kk bearing, has a couple scratches


ILYY Lynx and other ILYY’s
Square Wheels Rex & Rockefeller
YYF H.O.T. & Shutter
Duncan Strix




Sorry for double post, my phone posted it twice.

smh I just made matter worse…ugggh :’(



The YWET has been traded.


Bape2 has been traded.

Mod please archive.

Thank you!