So time to sell/trade some of the throws I have that get hardly any throwing time, they are all great throws but I would rather sell/trade for throws I would use more.
First up is an original Bapezilla, very very good condition, only a couple of nicks that are pictured, I think there is only 1 nick that goes through the anno.
The nick that goes through the anno
Tiny marks that dont go through the anno.
$160 Shipped Trades would have to be very good, I would rather sell these than trade.

Next is another Bapezilla, a few more scratches but still in good condition
$140 Shipped Trades would have to be really good, would rather sell this aswell.

Next is an Anti-Yo Copper YWET, I believe its called a “DRI YWET” a few marks on one of the rims as pictured, the inside has oxidized and the discoloration is normal, very unique throw and hate to let this one go.
$120 Shipped OR trade for a Chief/AC in great condition in a colorway that I want. This wont be as hard to get trading as the Bapezillas :wink:

The rest I am ONLY PUTTING UP FOR TRADE, I dont want to sell these so only PM me if you are looking to trade, I am willing to add cash or make a deal with multipule throws if your end is worth more.

888.11 Jason Lee Edition, only a couple tiny tiny pinpriucks that dont go through the anno

Trade For: CLYW (FG included), Wasabi, Noctu, Cascade, Summit, General Yo, Wrath (WILL ADD $ IF TRADE IS UNBALANCED!) Feel free to include other offers aswell =).

Next is an original G5 Half Red Star and half 555 (This thing is SOOO smooth, it was my competition throw for 2 years actually!) Only one minor scuffthat is pictured.
Trade or will add $ for any CLYW, OD, certian ILYYs, General Yos, basically feel free to offer anything and if its smth I( like I will accept. NO LOW BALL OFFERS THOUGH!

One Drop Cafe Racer, one major ding and a few pin pricks here and there, believe it or not it cant be felt on grinds and doesnt affect the play.


Trade for another metal that I like, offer whatever you think is fair, NO DUNCAN OR YOMEGA PLEASE

Thanks and I look forward to your PMs and will respond to them as quickly as I can =).


Responded to all PMs, thanks for all the interest, YWET is pending, rest is up for grabs, will edit when Im on my computer on the main thread :).


Bump, Dri YWET sold, rest are still up for grabs :slight_smile:


I was wondering how long it was gonna take for that dri-ywet to get scooped up. I absolutely love mine and it’s so fun to throw, not to mention as smooth as a yoyo gets. Anytime you have a rare yoyo like that for sale cheaper than what it retailed for, you have to buy it. Good pick up whoever got it.

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